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#4064 need help finding a cocking piece for my 591 bolt

Posted by JFK52 on 15 January 2016 - 01:53 PM

Numrich has the entire striker assembly of which the cocking piece is one part. I bought the complete 591 striker assembly for $38.00. A lot more expensive than the cocking piece which sells for $6.60. Only no one has the cocking piece in stock. Since my 591 is my daily varmint rifle, I am glad to get in back into service when the parts arrive from Numrich.

#4106 Interest level in new plastic magazines?

Posted by Gary W on 13 February 2016 - 11:18 AM

I apologize, I meant one of those copy machines that makes plastic parts. I know nothing about them but have heard that they work pretty good and are coming down in price. The guy said you can apply a hardener for extra strength.

#3377 Bolt installation tip--eliminate the aggravation...

Posted by Issa Akhbar on 26 March 2013 - 08:29 AM

Most already know this, and I'm really not trying to be a smart-onager, but for those still fighting with the aggravating tendency of the bolt head to roll over when installing it in the receiver....just point the bolt straight down, align the slots, hold the rifle muzzle straight down also, then slide the bolt into the receiver. The bolt head can't roll over if gravity is working for you instead of against you... :D

#2313 Here's my 591

Posted by autoknife on 11 March 2012 - 12:34 PM

Picked this up years ago at a local gun show for a song. I love the wood and finish and that it doesn't have a mark on it. To be honest I don't think it has ever been fired so I need to find a beater I can shoot.
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#2298 damage from my 5mm

Posted by Matt5MM on 03 March 2012 - 07:32 AM

The scope I am using is a Nikon Scope Prostaff 3-9X40. I know its a center fire Riflescope but I went through about 6 differnt scopes before I just slapped on this one. BSA, Bushnell, Leupold and other Rimfire scopes just didn't get the grouping I was looking for. I had this as a back-up for my 7MM and just got so frustrated that I just put it on one day and took it to the range and low and behold I was shooting 1/4" 5 shot groups at 75 and 100 yards. Funny thing is that I won 50 bucks that day from a guy shooting a 17hmr. He asked me what I was shooting, afterwards he started poking fun at my 5MM (He had never heard of it). We shot two 5 shot groups one at 75 other at 100 yards and the tightest group would win the money. He was shooting a Ruger 77 with Elite 3200 on it. I smoked him. I knew then this scope was the one.

#585 Is everyone elses trigger crummy?

Posted by 5MMEagle on 10 August 2010 - 02:14 PM

The trick is the the bolt head rail has to fit through a notch on the magazine retainer or tube assembly.  I align the right hand extractor with the bolt handle,close my left eye, stick my tongue in the corner of my cheek and easy that baby home while pushing forward on the safety.  If the bolt head rolls ,then start over and put your tongue in the other cheek.  It works everytime except when I go to show someone how to do it. ;D  Put then it is hard to talk when you got your tongue all tied up doin' detail work.


#4221 Original 5mm cleaning kit pics

Posted by Groundpatrol on 07 June 2017 - 02:49 AM

So I got this seemingly unused 5mm cleaning kit from my fathers collection as well. I wonder if the typed label on top was a reminder for him, or to keep us kids (at the time) out of it.

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#4036 Resurected after so many years

Posted by sledz on 02 October 2015 - 01:31 PM

I bought my 5mm as a 15 year old in 1972 new at a local Coast to Coast hardware store in Iowa and for Christmas my Dad bought the Weaver cross dot scope that I put back on it. I used it for several years and was a crack shot with it! Big feral cats, opossums, gophers, raccoon, fox, dimes and pennies you name it! Rabbits were especially fun.

Well a year ago I found out about the new ammo being made and bought some and after 40 years it's back! So exciting to shoot this again. I stumbled on this forum and I am glad there is a following. I had no idea the prices for these are so high, it just sat in my case for literally 40 years and I just assumed it was a boat anchor.. I do have a box of original ammo that I never did shoot that probably 35 years old..!


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#4004 5mm rifle

Posted by JDP on 10 June 2015 - 04:26 PM

A pic of my 591M.


#3919 Sell or Part Out for Folks that Need Parts?

Posted by JFK52 on 17 December 2014 - 12:47 PM

I say keep the rifle intact. Take what ever option suits you best with an intact rifle. Sell it to someone who wants to enjoy this fantastic rimfire.

Going the parts route is much harder. You will be hard pressed to find persons who want each and every part especially if you want to do it all at one time. You will be dealing with multiple buyers. That translates into many seperate transactions each with it's own time frame, considerable personal effort and shipping. It sounds like you could get the same money as for the parts ($400-$450) or better if the rifle is a true "safe queen".

I do not know anything about the 5mm Craig to make a comment on that route.

#3654 Recall info from back in the day on the 591

Posted by REMNANT on 12 January 2014 - 03:44 PM

I hope this helps,

The original design for the fully supported chamber, was created so that the gun could be easily cleaned, and all parts were made removable. There was a small sheet metal cover on the left side of the receiver, which could be pried out, and the retainer for the extractor, as well as the spring and guide, could be removed and cleaned and oiled. This left the extractor loose, on the inside, retained by the bolt, until the bolt was opened and removed, at which point the extractor merely fell out. This seemed acceptable at first, but then people started thinking that it would be easy to leave the extractor out completely, and fire the gun, which would blow a large piece ot the case wall out, and create all kinds of havoc. It wasn't long before it was back to the drawing board, to get something that was not removable in the field. This led to the riveted unit, which became the standard configuration. Unfortunately, some guns had been shipped with the original configuration, and every effort was made to retreive these, and retrofit them with the new design. I think only a small number got out with the original setup, probably less than 100, but that is only a very rough guess. I doubt that any 592's were involved, since that model was a little behind the 591, in release. I forgot to mention that, in addition to riveting the extractor in place, the second, ugly cover, with the 4 screws was added, to prevent loss of the pressed-in cover, as well as prevent gas escape, if everything else failed.

Both the 591, and 592 were late to market, compared to plans, both because of the extractor redesign to accomodate the high pressure rounds, but also due to the rim diameter change. When we began to get case failures, with the original chamber design (slotted as on the .22), the first move was to increase the cartridge case wall thickness. This gave a stronger case, but by the time the straight drawn case was upset to form the rim, there was very little space left in the rim for priming mix, and we began to get misfires. Then the rim diameter was increased by .015 inches. This solved the ignition problem, but now we had to get new chambering reamers, and the magazine for the 591 couldn't take the larger rim, so the molds had to be modified for the Delrin body and side, which were welded together. Also the brass and steel magazine tubes for the 592 had to be made slightly larger, which took more time. The original rim dia was about .312 max, and the final dia was about .327 max. These are the chamber diameters, and the actual cartridges typically went .302-.308 on the first gen, to .316-.322, on the final production.


#3603 Remington 592/591 Trigger

Posted by Magnum on 28 October 2013 - 05:17 PM

I purchased and installed a Timney 788 trigger on my 591. Huge improvement. I don't have to give so much concentration on how I pull the trigger (though good practice).

I did have to modify the safety lever and removed a small amount of material from the stock to clear the bend in the lever - nothing you can see externally. I haven't officially checked the pull weight. It's adjustable and would guesstimate it at around 1.5 #'s after I lightened it up.

I may modify the original to compare, but doubt it'll work as nice as the Timney without some major TLC.

#3541 Greetings from newbie with 5mm?

Posted by Lie_Sniper on 18 July 2013 - 11:02 AM

I grew up in south Texas and killed my first coyote with my 5 mm back when they were new. The guns are very accurate and with the proper shot placement you shouldn't have any problems killing them. With that said, the only time I didn't recover a coyote using my 5 mm is when I shot one facing me head on. The animal was about to bolt so I hurried the shot and hit him low in the brisket. I don't know if the coyote survived the hit, but I didn't recover him. I found some hair and gristle, but almost no blood. Anyway, if you can get steady, I wouldn't bet against a man trying to hit a coyote in the eye at 100 yards. If you can shoot well, you'll do very well with a 5 mm. They are fun rifles and in my opinion, they are very easy to shoot well. The bottom line in my book is that I believe that the person behind the trigger is the most important factor in a gun's lethality . . .

#3410 My new 43 year old

Posted by YAV8 on 11 April 2013 - 05:32 PM

You will not have a problem surpassing the 17hmr in performance and distance. Where as I strech my 17hmr to 150yds I have no problem shooting PD at 200yds. It will not be in the leage of your 222 CF round, but its the best RF to this day.

#3157 New member info

Posted by pinetreelw on 27 January 2013 - 03:38 AM

Thanks for the welcome Eric.
Still trying to figure things out.

#3029 A couple questions about my 591M...

Posted by Issa Akhbar on 07 January 2013 - 12:59 PM

There's no problem loading either the 591 or 592 as a single-shot; I do it all the time while sighting-in at the range. These are not "controlled feed" designs, like a Mauser claw extractor. There is a specific post on the website here somewhere for the current status of new-manufacture 591 mags...if I remember correctly, they're getting very close to being ready for sale. You should use search...

#2696 Prairiedogging with the 5mm this week.

Posted by AMMOe on 05 August 2012 - 07:27 PM

Hey Guys,

I just finished off a sweltering week of PD shooting that involved the T/C 5mm when applicable. It was fantastic. Three misses and 11 dogs total. (No pictures, unfortunately) The last dog of the day was in 102 degree heat at 156 yards using the Varmint load. He was half obscured by the waving grass and I shot him standing with the rifle foreend resting on a camera tripod. At the shot I could see the spray of blood and saw him flip backwards into the hole. My hunting partners saw it as well and were mightily impressed. I got three today: 40 yard head shot, a 100 yard shoulder shot, and the aforementioned 156 yarder. Oddly, the guys I was shooting with were using very accurate 22WMR and 17HMR rifles. They each hit an equal number of dogs but the 22WMR 40 grain killed them better. Neither of them held a candle to the Five, though. ~AMMOe

#2481 New 5MM Magazine successful test fire today

Posted by 5MMEagle on 07 June 2012 - 05:16 PM

I just finished a small but very important testfire of our new all metal 591 magazines. I was able to load the magazine into 3 different rifles and shot several rounds from one of those rifles. It is the only factory standard M591 rifle we have, so all testing is being done with it. We have a few very minor changes to make, then a quick test of those changes. We will run a batch of them. I am very excited.

Here are some photos

This magazine is not finished
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

It is hard to hold the rifle work the bolt and take photos at the same time.

#1659 5MM vrs 1,300lbs. of beef.....

Posted by Muzz on 12 July 2011 - 04:38 AM


I guess you will hold the World Record for biggest animal killed with the 5mm!! :lol:

I hope you get some ribeyes for handling the situation!

Eric B)

Not surprizing to me... my old pappy has taken untold whitetails with him over the years!


#2357 Central oregon digger hunt

Posted by sixshooter on 25 March 2012 - 11:18 PM

The second day started about like the first. we made the drive from where we stayed. we looked at some more of the land owners guns and showed him some. I did some sight in with my 10-22's while the critters got warmed up. Then I broke out the 22-250 and the 5mm. It wasnt long till I had a target at about 140 yards. at this point I chose the 22-250 and let a 55gr vmax go. I didnt see what happened but my buddy let out a holler and said it flew way up in the air. Dead digger. Then closer in at about 100 yards all heck broke loose and I had the 5 on the rest. I made several shots and got one confirmed kill and missed a couple. He got one with his 204 ruger. the action was about the same as day one. he got a good head shot on a digger at about 85 yards with the hmr. and I got a couple good licks in. When we pushed them all back into hiding we went on a walk around the property again. we both got some shots in at various yardages. He made a great shot on one at about 100 yards on top of a burm and just rolled him flat with the hmr. we continued our walk and saw a few critters but they were a little more skittish this day. we were about half way through our walk and I spotted one standing looking at me and I had to sneak around a tree for a good rest I settled the 5mm in against the tree and hit him square in the chest at about 50 yards and the results were just devestating. A quarter sized hole clean through him. walked about another 100 yards and saw one on top of a rock pile at about 30 yards. I settled the crosshairs on him and rolled him good. we finished our walk and saw several more but could not get any more shots. all in all a very good day of hunting. Here are some more pics of the damages.

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